10 Small business tips to grown your business awareness

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Being a small business owner it’s important that you are not just seen on social media, but you are growing the awareness of your brand along with acquiring paying customers. How can you build more awareness about your business?  Over the next 90 days, I will be sharing some insightful resources for aspiring entrepreneurs, new business owners, and current small business owners that want to grow their brand, awareness, and increase their customers.

Below are 10 Small business tips to grow your business:

  1. Start a Blog-Hint crucial in today’s market and you can promote your products or services offered across various social media platforms, directories, and syndicated networks. (More to come on where to share information).
  2. Join groups and forums on Facebook and Google (more to come about this).
  3. Build an Email list to promote and showcase your products/services.
  4. Network with like-minded business entrepreneurs.
  5. Read books about marketing and small business.
  6. Don’t sell yourself short with your prices (Know your worth).
  7. Find your targeted audience (hire a social media manager).
  8. Attend conferences, tele-seminars, or webinars offered by SBA, Score, and other small business/marketing organizations.
  9. Believe in Your talent and gifts.
  10. Set goals each week for your business to accomplish.

Below are a few groups on Google that I have joined and love what they have to offer. I list the membership so that you can see the potential opportunities of networking and partnering with small business owners building the dreams and making their visions real. They can offer great advice, recommendations, and mentorship, and maybe even invest in your business.

  • Home Business – Members 56,903
  • Social Media Marketing-Members 210,663
  • Entrepreneurs Self-Employed- Members 68,921
  • Online Marketing-Members 96,534

Below are some Facebook Groups that I am a part of that have been beneficial to me as a new business owner. I love these groups because you can promote your business, build relationships, and network.

  • Black Women Entrepreneurs for Self-Self-sufficiency –members 6,051
  • Female Entrepreneurs Collaborated- Members 8,918
  • May Black Business- Members 3,838

Each week, I will expand of the ten tips listed above that will be informative and beneficial for building your awareness about your business. It’s about growing your brand, building the awareness about your brand, and growing your sales.  Start by investing in you so that your business (dream) reaps the benefits.

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