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Sistahsplace.com is your source for entertainment blog showcase.  Sistah’s Place was launched in July 2014 to be the source for film, television, theater, and publishing.  We focus on the talented minority men and women following their dreams while inspiring others to step out on faith to believe in their dreams.  

 Sistah’s Place creator Letrise Carter realized the need create a platform that would showcase the indie and national talents in film, television, theater, and literature.  We are your source of entertainment news that will inspire, inform, and entertain.

Sistah’s Place is for all Indie and national artists who are following their dreams and giving hope and inspiration to others to believe in their dreams, passion, and gifts.  We showcase interviews that allow the artists to shine with their talents and gift to promote their projects across social media channels creating exposure to talented men and women in the Indie industry in literature, film, and theater. 

Over the last year, Sistah’s Place has broadened the showcase to feature entrepreneurs, indie music artist, and guest writers.  Sistah’s Place was nominated in 2016 for the Black Excellence Award by Black Pearls Magazine and won the award for the 2017 Black Excellence Award. 

In February 2017, Sistah’s Place launched another platform to reach a bigger audience on Blog Talk Radio.  We want to inspire dreamers seeking careers by sharing stories and showcasing the journey of men and women in hopes to inspire others to pursue careers in entertainment, authorship, and entrepreneurship.

In June 2017, Sistah’s Place has grown its depth and vision to a online digital magazine platform that will go live in
August 2017.  The platform will become Sistah’s Place Real Talk Magazine with many guest writers under various segments.  The platform will offer featured artist that will create more exposure for indie artist, indie music, indie and national authors, indie films, and small business.

The vision is to be a voice in the community that will Inspire, Inform, Empower, Educate, Encourage, Showcase, and support the talented men and women in television, film, television, theater, literature, and music (indie) industry.  

Sistah’s Place is bringing forth real stories about real people chasing and living their dreams while being an inspiration to rising talent.   We are not a gossip entertainment news showcase.   We are here to give support to your dreams! 

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