Black Man I See You By Marie A. Carter

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I see you. Your, strength, your potential, your determination, your wisdom. Black man I see you. Your character, your weakness, your vulnerabilities, your love, your sensuality. Why do you put so much into holding back? Into living a life that is beneath your power? When I look into your eye I see the lack, the feeling of being misunderstood, but I also see promise. I see the lack of leadership in your life that left you with lack. I see your desire to succeed, to breakthrough, to lead, to overcome, to build and most importantly to heal.

Black man I see you and I honor you right where you are. I see your light even when you don’t see it shining through and I encourage you to see that light too. Open your eyes, open your mind, and open your heart. Receive. Stop looking at what was. Those broken patterns are a misconception of who you are.

black man

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The tainted distorted pieces of your past don’t define you, but there is a new puzzle to be formed by you. Not the one that has been misconstrued, but the one you have been appointed to create. You are a masterpiece created with the power to create… whatsoever you desire. The answers that you are searching for live within just beneath the end of the story you have been empowered to rewrite. Pick up your pen. Release all of the baggage, the lies, the hurt, the pain and the confusion. See, it’s caused a contusion in your heart. It’s caused you to identify with the things that were orchestrated to destroy you.

The things purposed to destroy the black family, the leader and the protector… that IS you. I think of you often and I pray for you. Though you are disconnected from me I have faith that you will find yourself so we can reconnect and become one. There is so much work to be done, but black man I can’t do it without you. I see you and I am waiting for you to take back your power and position.



A Black Woman

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Bio: Marie A Carter is a writer and mother of 4 children. She is working on her first novel called the Seven Keyes to Breakthrough debut summer 2015. She is a contributing writer to Sistah’s Place Entertainment and Maya’s Showcase. Follow her on Twitter @marieacarter and website: mariecarter


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