Blog Talk Show Top 10 Interviews of 2017

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Blog Talk Radio Show

Blog Talk Show Top 10 interviews of 2017.  The top 10 is based on number of listeners. Who made our list?

  1. Marquise Vilson
  2. Florenza Lee
  3. Selena Haskins
  4. Yvette Harris
  5. Catherine Crumber
  6. Damion L. Smith
  7. Tesa Erven
  8. Darcell
  9. DeMane Davis
  10. Teresa Howell

Based on our listeners most listen to interviews from Blog Talk Radio analytics.  We have compiled our top 10 men and women ranging from author, actor, musicians,and directors.  We are happy to see that our audience loves the mixture of interviews.


Visit our website the links to hear replay.   Blog Talk Radio was first launched in February 2017.  Each year we like to take our interviews to another level of which we did. Thank you to our listeners and audiences for letting us know what you like to hear.

Who were some of your favorites from 2017?



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