Can You See Me?

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Can you see me?  I have been by your side each day and night.  Yet you don’t see me.  I smile at you and laugh at your jokes.  Yet you don’t see me.  I compliment your good looks; yet you don’t see me.  I lift you up with praise and affirmations that you are a great man.  Can you see me?  I say I love you with all of my heart and soul, but you don’t hear me.  Can you see me?  You’ve been amazing in your journey that you have inspired me to want more out of life.  I support your career choices and sacrifice my happiness for yours.  Yet, you don’t see me.  I have walked away from your heart and I am finding me and yet, you still have not noticed I left.  I am falling in love with the woman that I was born to be, yet invisible to your eyes for all these years.  Can you see me?  Another man has grabbed my attention and my time.  He is making me laugh, supporting my dreams, and most important he can see this beautiful woman standing before him.  Now the day has come, for me to say I do and take another man’s name.  Can you see me now?


Written by Letrise Carter Copyrights 2015-2016
Excerpt from the Spoken word novel 2016

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