Choose Me by Letrise Carter

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Choose Me
Choose Me is a perfect poem for Valentines Day.  Why? A man chooses his queen.
Choose Me
Choose me because I am beautiful inside and out.
Choose me because I am genuine.
Choose me because I make you smile.
Choose me because you cannot stop thinking about me.
Choose me because you cannot stop smiling about me because I am in always in your thoughts.
Choose me not for the shape or size of my hips, my waist, or my breast size.
Choose me for my intellectual conversation.
Choose me for my ability to stand independently.
Choose me because you trust me wholeheartedly with your heart.
Choose me because you love me unconditionally.
Choose me because you understand me.
Choose me because of your desire to spend the rest of your days getting to know me.
Choose me because you want to give me your name.
Choose me because you know deep down within your heart and soul I am yours.
Choose me because God told you so.
Choose me because I want to be your wife, your partner, and your missing rib.
Choose me just because I love you unconditionally.
Choose me because I am a once in a life time kind of woman.

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Deceitful SecretsLetrise Carter is a published author of her debut novella Deceitful Secrets. She is the CEO and founder of Sistah’s Place and Sistah’s Creative Media.  Letrise has been published in a couple magazine as a guest writer for Caution Magazine, Influential People Magazine, and Beautifully Said Magazine.

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