A Confident Sistah by Natonya Medford

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Call her caramel, coffee, midnight or melanin,
Diffusing situations with wisdom and intelligence.
With a Lupita walk, Janet Jackson smile and an Angela Bassett vibe,
Her soul is medication one must submit and prescribe.
She attacks the enemy with her silence,
But when she speaks, her words pierce right through your iris.
Erasing worldly rules with the vocal point of her lips,
Creating new beginnings with the movement of her hips.
Feet to the ground and head to the sky,
Spiritual moments defining her when, how and why.
Magnifying her beauty with God-given truth,
Entering her fifties more supreme than her youth.
About Author

Meet Guest Writer Natonya Medford.  Ever since I held my first Barbie, I always promoted change. By cutting my own clothes and designing the fabrics to fit my dolls, I realized I was being innovative, strategic and resourceful. With my degree in Public Relations, I finally found a way to walk down the fashion runway and it’s through writing. Fashion PR is the best of two worlds for me, fashion and communication. After contributing to magazines and collaborating with fashion companies in affiliate marketing through Polyvore, I’m ready to plant my stilettos into writing. I want to change the direction of the fashion industry by focusing on inner beauty first. I plan to strut down the catwalk of writing with faith and confidence by my side. Ultimately, I hope to inspire others to become their best through motivational and inspirational pieces.

Natonya Medford
Fashion PR| Stylist| Writer

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