Deceitful Secrets by Letrise Carter

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Letrise Carter

Our feature artist is none other than our Creator of Sistah’s Place Real Talk Magazine, Letrise Carter.  She is a freelancer writer and business owner.  Letrise is self-publishing her first novella and building a media business.  A woman spreading her wings and walking into her purpose with a vision.  At the end of August, fans around the world will get to read Deceitful Secrets.

Letrise Carter

The story has drama, mystery, and romance.  Deceitful unfolds around the past and affects the lives of not one but three people. What will happen to Taylor Jackson if her brother-in-law reveals her past to her husband Devin.  But wait, Devin has some secrets of his own that are in the present day.

The novella will be released end of August 2017. Sign up for Letrise’s author newsletter to keep up with her upcoming book release, interviews, and appearances.  This is an exciting year for her as a published indie author.



Twitter: @AuthorLetrise


Instagram: @Letrisec

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