December’s Editor’s Letter

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December's Editor's note

Welcome to December 2016 editor’s note.  It’s the last year of the year and it’s a great time to reflect.  In the world of entertainment we have said good bye to some great men and women gone home too soon. We will miss actors like Tommy Ford, Ron Glass, Muhammed Ali, Prince, Daisy Lewellyn, Vanity, and Maurice White.  These beautiful souls will never be forgotten and their gifts will stay with us all forever.

Sistah’s Place had a great year being nominated for the Black Excellence award.   The award will be presented in July 2017 by Black Pearls Magazine in Atlanta, Georgia.  We had the pleasure of interviewing more indie and national talent following their dreams and inspiring others to believe in themselves.

We had the pleasure to give away books, novels, and other prizes thanks to our contributing sponsors.  This was a year for us to reach out to our audience.  Sistah’s Place appreciates all their subscribers and fans across the country.  We believe in the dreamers and encourage the youth of today to mold their passion that will bring life to their gift.

As we prepare for 2017, we will be reflecting on a great year that we had so that we can make next year super.  Sistah’s Place is here to entertain, inspire, inform, and dare you to believe in the impossible.  Sistah’s Place Entertainment Blog Showcase is going to the next level.  You want to continue to ride with us as we continue to grow, build, and expand the greatness to serve others.

We were featured in Simply Cindy’s Artist of the Week for December.  The link is below:

We were featured in Black Pearls Magazine Holiday edition.  Read the article at  Intimate Conversations with Letrise Carter

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