Empire Recap-Cookie Lyons & Wolverines

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This new promoter may be interested in more than just Lyon Dynasty.

Last night’s show was more than just good.  It was intriguing with plot twists and conflict as Hakeem was kidnapped by a gang with a tatto of a Wolverine on their backs.  It was nice to see the brotherly love of Jamal (Jussie Smollet) and Andre  (Trai Byers) come to Hakeem’s  (Bryshere Gray) aid to boost his confidence after the abduction which was playing with his mind.

Now, the shocker for me last night was Cookie Lyons (Taraji P. Henson) and Laz Delgado (Adam Rodriguez) a promoter take his shirt off in the last scence.  What’s that on his back?  A tatto of a wolverine.  Say it’s not so!  We all saw the tatto on the backs of the crew that kidnapped Hakeem, right?  As a matter of fact, where was he at when Hakeem was taken?

Cookie Lyons better watch her back with that dirty wolverine.  Laz Delgado is up to no good.  It’s a shame how the new love interest is dirty because I was cheering for him until he took off his shirt in teh love scence with Cookie.  I am sure the writers of Empire have a plot twister that will blow our minds.  Now, we have to wait for the plot to unfold before our eyes.  How about a few assumptions about Mr. Laz Delgado and Cookie Lyons?

What if:

  • Laz falls in love with Cookie and turns on his fellow pack of wolverines.
  • Cookies or Hakeem put a bullet in him after they discover who Laz really is.
  • Maybe Lucious finds out and he mysteriously disappears or come up missing.

What do you all think about my what if’s?

Be careful sleeping with the Wolverines, you never know when they are going to attack you.  We got to tune into next week to see what happens.


Photo Source:  http://www.fox.com/empire/photo-gallery/high-hope-for-a-low-heaven




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