Empire’s premier was hot show for FOX Network

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Photo Credits-Empire/Fox

Well, last week’s return of Empire for it’s season 2 premier was hot as 16.2 million viewers tuned in to watch the hottest show on television.  The show has gotten off to a HOT start and the guest on premier night were exciting to watch.

Let’s start with this mult-talented cast Cookie Lyons played by Taraji P. Henson, who is in a cage in a gorrilla suit.  At first, I thought what is going on until I could see the message that she was giving to the viewers.  The gorrilla in a cage wants to be free which represented the justice.  The free concert was a rally to free Lucious Lyons from jail played by Terrence Howard.

The plot would start to thicken when Marisa Tomei would play both sides not just with Cookie and Lucious, but she loved women too.  The party that Cookie threw to entice the woman with the money to help her steal Empire from Lucious.  Now, mouth dropping wihen boo boo Kitty, aka Grace Gealy did her version of twerking at the party.  She was covered up and was not feeling Mimi, the investor who possibly help them take over Empire from Lucious.

It was funny how Lucious showed his old friend Frank played by Chris Rock who has the real power and you don’t threatnen his family.  Finally, the show would close with the tables turning.  Who knew that Mimi would make a deal with Lucious.  His words at the board meeting, “Game on bitches” just got more interesting.  Are you ready for this weeks show?


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