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Empower You

The Empower You conference was presented by Dalex Empowerment Consultants yesterday at NIU Naperville Conference Center.  The guest speakers were truly empowering, motivating, and encouraging to the entrepreneurial women present.  The venue was a great opportunity to network with other small business owners that would allow women to be of service to one another.

This was my first time attending an Empowerment event for women.  I must say the “golden nuggets” of wisdom dropped by each guest speaker empowered your spirit, gave you things to think about, and opened opportunity for networking with other business minded women.   I will share golden nuggets from each of the guest speakers that we as women in business should be mindful as we are empowered to be the CEO of your lives.  Our guest speakers were as follows:

  • Shauna Weatherspoon
  • Andrea Williams
  • Dr. Shola Ezeokoli
  • Delores Alexander
  • Ernessa Moore

Where do I began to talk about those “Golden Nuggets of Empowerment?” Each speaker had a unique nugget of empowerment for us to take away that will serve as reference, resourceful information, tools, and affirmation to be empowered.  You know that you were a dedicated listener taking good detailed notes that will be reference for a long time.  A few highlights from the Empower You conference that served a purpose around #GRIT, Financial Planning, #SHIFT, and #IMAGE.

Shauan WeatherspoonGuest Speaker Shauna Weatherspoon, is a best-selling author of Pure Wealth and business owner. She  let us know that we are here to collaborate, network, and build relationships.

As a business woman, the questions must be asked How can I support your business?  How can your business support me?  Stop wasting time on unproductive meetings where we don’t accomplished anything.  We have to be intentional about who we spend time with and be coachable and teachable.  Why waste valuable time being unproductive? It does not serve your purpose, your talent, nor your gift. Time is valuable.  A great nugget she dropped that we all make the mistake doing is discounting our gifts.  Stop discounting our gifts and charge what we are worth. Know your worth is key take away.


Another key take away was about  GRIT.  The letters in the acronym have a powerful meaning that each woman should have as a entrepreneur.

  • The G stands for Grace and Gratitude.
  • The R stands for Respect of Others
  • The I stands for Intelligence
  • The T stands for Trainable- It’s okay to work with folks smarter than you and even your competition.

Guest Speaker Andrea Williams from Northwestern Financial Group talked about 7 mistakes to avoid and the importance of having a Financial Planner. I will talk in more detail in next article Money & Wealth segment.

  • The right team
  • Not Having a Plan
  • Protecting Your Income
  • Priortizing Debt over Savings
  • No Legal Planning
  • No Plan for Retirement
  • Not Protecting Your Family

Empower YouGuest speaker Delores Alexander lead with I am the CEO of My life  quote from renowned author Patrice Washington Worth Statement.  She empowered the women to be the CEO of their life  and declared we are under new management.  I enjoyed her speech to empower the women in the room to SHIFT. The acronym simple means Stop Having Insecure Feelings and Thoughts.

Delores explained how important it is for you to find your gift, develop, and nurture your gift.  Most important to SHIFT so that your not blocking your gifts ability to grow and shine.  She gave the women the 4 R’s so that you can move to the next level.  I got so much from her segment that we will talk more about her golden nuggets in another article.

  • Repair-means to repair broken relationships that could be business or personal
  • Restore-upgrade and update so that you can be ready
  • Remove-remove dead things that attract predatory people. Dead things cannot grow.
  • Release- Let Go of the past pains

Empower YouOur guest speaker Dr. Shola Ezeokoli is an Physician, best selling Christian author, Life coach, and speaker dropped some nuggets that require us to spend more time with the good doctor.  Dr. Shola Ezeokoli  talked about Balanced Life and Stress Management.

The golden nuggets are so important to we as women because we multi-task to the point of the Superwoman syndrome.  We burn ourselves out and we crash.  She shared the 5 pillars of Balanced Life and 6 Keys for Stress Management.

I look forward to going into detail with Dr. Shola Ezeokoli on my Blog Talk Radio show segment Sistah’s Voice on Sistah’s Place.

5 Pillars of Balanced Life

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental Health
  • Relational Health
  • Spiritual

6 Keys to Stress Management

  • Focus on the Positive
  • Connect with God
  • Take a mental break
  • Blow off Steam
  • Self Care
  • Talk to a Professional

Our final speaker was Ernessa Moore gave us our closing golden nuggets.  She asked the question, what does Image mean to you?  Immediately I thought of it from a business point of view because I look at IMAGE as your brand and who you identify with your customers or audience.  Well, the acronym stands for the following:

  • I stands for Inner self (heart & Passion)
  • M stands for Mastering your Passion & Gift
  • A stands for Accountability
  • G stands for Genuine (Be genuine)
  • E stands for Easy to approach



Now the guest speakers were powerful and empowering.  Then you had the opportunity to walk around to visit the small business owners showcasing their business, products, and talents.  The many talents of entrepreneurs, aspiring actress, travel agent, artists, authors, unique designers, and much more.  I look forward to attending the Empower You conference next year.

Do you feel empowered?

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  1. This is a great read & I am forever grateful to have met you all & honored to be featured amongst so many other phenomenal women! I will share, share, share away & we hope to see you all on 5/6 in downtown Naperville at the Empower Me With Purpose Conference & Expo.

  2. Hi Shauna, Thank you! It was a pleasure to attend the Empower You event. Look forward to see you at future events.

  3. Letrice Carter observation of DALEX Empowerment Conference is on point. It was an awesome event and very beneficial the entrepreneurial woman at heart. Thank you so much for the feature! Peace and Blessings

  4. Thank you for the feature on my signature event “Empower You” Womens Expo. As CEO of Dalex Empowerment i am so happy you enjoyed it and were able to take away useful information. Your clear, concise, detailed recounting of the Expo highlighted the benefit of and appreciation for “Empower You” Womens Conference/Expo. My vision for this event has materialized. This is my second year producing this event.It has been so well received that it will definitely continue as an annual event for Dalex Empowerment. I look forward to working with Sistahs Place Creative Media in future empowering efforts. You clearly are a creative talent and an inspiration!

  5. You are welcome Delores! I truly enjoyed myself at the event and I was empowered and inspired. looking forward to working with Dalex Empowerment.

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