It Was Nothing But God’s Hand Of Protection

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It was nothing but God’s hand of protection that saved my life that day. You see it was ten o’ clock and I was running late for work.  It seemed like everything that could go wrong went wrong.  For some reason the zipper on my skirt kept getting stuck, and somehow my favorite pair of  pantyhose caught a run in it. So there I was trying to slip my other shoe on while grabbing my briefcase and buttered roll.

Finally making to my car, I slipped in my favorite praise cd  to try to soothe my anxious soul. I had a thousand things on my mind.  The traffic was moving steadily and I was just sure that I wouldn’t be too late for work. By the time we hit route 22A, the traffic slowed down. There were cars honking there horns at each other. Great!!!!! I threw up my hands in frustration, as to say LORD WHAT IS GOING ON?

By now my face was red as a beet. What am I going to say to my boss? Twenty minutes had come and gone and I’m no where near the office. When the traffic began to speed up a little I was able to see clearer as to what the hold up was. There were policemen directing traffic and multiple ambulances on both sides of the road. By the time I got to the nearest policeman there was no question that this was the scene of a multiple car accident. Rolling down my window I asked the policeman if everyone was  okay.

With tears in his eyes, he said “maam this is my first day on the job and I’ve never seen anything like this.” He turned his head in the direction of one of the cars as he was talking my eyes zoomed in on a woman who looked like she was on her way to work.  He told me the accident happened an half an hour ago now she is dead.  “Thank you officer,” I said  and then I pulled off.

With my hand over my mouth and tears in my eyes, all I could do is thank God for His protection, His grace, and His mercy. I thanked him for my zipper getting stuck and my torn pantyhose.  It was God’s hand of protection that saved me that day. Sometimes we get upset about running late or changes that take place in our life.  But what we must understand that God sees and knows all.

He is behind the seen directing His angels to watch over us. God is faithful in His promise  to protect us. The next time you’re in traffic or a change has taken place in your life, just stop for a minute and Give God the praise because He is working on your behalf.  His hand of protection is at work in your life.

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Kimberly McAllister

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