Sistah’s Place welcomes the talents of the writing world and acknowledges that writers are not paid, but can include  their bios and website links to their articles.  Please review our articles and categories  on our website

We accept writing in MS Word format and photos with high resolution 300 dpi via email to the address below at:

Email:  and cc

**Please include credits for all photographs presented articles submitted without will not be published.

Literary works submitted to Sistah’s Place must follow standard manuscript format.  Please include your full name, telephone number, and email address.  Please provide accurate word count. Words counts are noted next to the types of works accepted.

Writing for Sistah’s Place Entertainment Showcase is done on a contributory bi-monthly, weekly, or monthly.  If for some reason you are not able to submit your article within the time frame provided, please contact our editor via email:


This will allow our editorial team to reschedule your article for another time or provide a placement of your space to an available writer for that segment.  Note: articles submitted past the deadline date without notice to the editors will not be published in the time frame intended.

Types of works accepted

Sistah’s Place will consider the following non-fictional articles on entertainment news relating to film, theater, and television.  We accept articles about relationships, current events, poetry, small business tips, empowering message, and interviews with authors or celebrities.

In order to be considered a guest writer on one of our platform topics, you must have blogging experience, or be an established writer or author, journalist, and interns in Communication & Journalism are accepted.

Sistah’s Place Entertainment Showcase reserves the right to edit the content of such material for formatting purposes along with ethical standards.

We do encourage contributing writers to write articles based on their knowledge, experience, talents, and gifts.  Sistah’s Place Entertainment Showcase is not a gossip or tabloid E-blog.

We have zero tolerance for any writers that use our platform to degrade, disrespect, demean, or poor conduct toward race, religion, or political party. We do reserve the right to refuse publication of an article that does not adhere to our vision and mission.

Type of Segments:

Poetry Segment (300 words)

Current Events (300-600 words)

Theatre & Film Review Showcase (300-500 words)

Interviews (300-450 words)

Disclaimer: All contributing writers are responsible to submit works that are authentically their own. Sistah’s Place Entertainment Showcase Blog will not be responsible for plagiarized material. We retain rights to verify article validity. It is agreed that all writing materials submitted are your own work and that sources you reference within the content of your article are properly cited.