Interview with the Cast from Skin Deep Series

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Skin Deep The Series

In February, I had the pleasure to interview with the cast of Skin Deep Series. Though we experienced a few technical delays, Sistah’s Place was able to sit down and talk with three of the cast members from the series.  We appreciate each actor and actress taking the time out of their busy schedules to talk about their characters on the hit show Skin Deep Series.

 Skin Deep The Series explores the journeys of each character as life altering truths and deception force them to face their prejudices; or become permanent accomplices to evil, righteousness or indifference. The characters are unknown to each other, but quickly become intertwined by fate after the perception of a calculated gay bashing heinously divides the city of Atlanta.

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Skin Deep SeriesListen to my interview with Suehyla El-Attar





Be sure to follow these talented men and women on social media.  The Skin Deep Series has a Instagram page as well.  Sistah’s Place wishes the series the best.


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