Interview with artist JusXJustice new release The Crow

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I sat down to talk with JusXJustice about his new music release The Crow EP.  He is young and talented wearing multiple hats such as songwriter, producer, and rapper. His musical sound has been called a hip hop and R&B combination.


JusXJustice fell in love with music at an early age of 12. When asked who ae some of his musical influences, he listens to pop starts like Ginuwine, Drake, and Michael Jackson just to name a few.  He shares insights with us about his music, his musical influences, and upcoming projects for 2016. As a bonus question, he would love to collaborate with Erka Badu.

Take a listen to our interview.


You can learn more about JusXJustice music and him by visiting his social media channels.  His music is available on iTunes and CD Baby.



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