Interview with Bishop Earl Jenkins

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Bishop Earl Jenkins

I had the honor to interview Bishop Earl Jenkins in August to talk about his novel “The Opened Faced Sandwich“.  In his novel, he gives his readers tips on how to communicate better with 12 tips that he highly recommends.  Communication is important tool that we all use in every day and there are times where the approach can be misunderstood.

Who is Bishop Earl Jenkins?

Bishop E. Earl Jenkins is the founding pastor of True Servant Church in Hamilton, N.J.  He is the founder and president of the True Servant Preschool Academy, Hamilton N.J.

Take a listen to our interview as Bishop Earl Jenkins talks about his novel “The Open Faced Sandwich.”

The Opened Face Sandwich Book Excerpt:

Bishop Earl JenkinsHave you ever thought about your communication style in terms of making your favorite sandwich? Well, now you can! As the leader of a team or household, E. Earl Jenkins’ The Open-Faced Sandwich: 12 Tasteful Tips to Effective Communication, will guide you through the process of developing improved communication techniques using typical sandwich ingredients.


It all begins with your bread leadership style. What type of bread leader are you? Enriched, Whole Wheat, Multigrain, Flatbread, Rye, or Hoagie? Once you identify your leadership approach, then you’re ready to build your sandwich. Did you know that timing and preparation are the secret ingredients to success in any communication?

This new sandwich method will help you determine when to add all of the common tasty ingredients to your communication to get your message understood: bread, meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and mustard. Dig in, and discover how to use this quick and easy improved Open-Faced Sandwich guide to effectively communicate, one satisfying layer at a time.

Visit Bishop Jenkins website and social media to learn more about him and his vision.

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