Introducing a New segment called Sistah’s Wealth

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Introducing a new segment on Sistah’s Place Entertainment blog called Sistah’s Wealth.  Sistah’s Wealth will showcase articles that highlight inform, educate, and empower you on topics like managing money,savings, debt, creating multiple streams of income, and  book reviews about getting your finances in order.  This segment is much needed since African Americans are the #1 consumer in America.  It’s time we change the generational curse that leaving our children with nothing to fall on finanically.  It’s time to inform, empower, and educate financial wealth, importance to have life insurance, a will, and much more.

Sharing expert advice from some of your favorite finanical experts that will help give you guidiance, irection, and educating on debt, savings, budget, and the importance of leaving a legacy.  Sit back and get ready for some great money and wealth building tips and articles that we hope will inspire you to change your mindset that will change your life.  It’s time to break bad habits and the traditional generational curse that is passed down to our children.

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