Introducing Contributing writer to Maya’s Blog Showcase- Author Charlotte Croom Martin

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Welcome to Maya’s Blog Showcase Charlotte Croom Martin, author, mother, and woman with a purpose.  She published her first novel, In The Stranger’s House written under the pen name Serenity.  It’s about her life coming up in foster care and how it has changed her life for the better.  To give foster childeren in foster homes hope that even thought they are in a foster home or dark place that there is a brighter ending if they beleive.

What will she bring to Maya’s Showcase?

She will bring inspiration and motivation to all and writing topics about Foster Kid’s survival.  Charlotte will bring her unique writing style to the platform with her thoughts, inspirations, and the versatile voice to the audience.

What she loves about Maya’s Blog showcase platform?

Charlotte loves the diverse background of the women on the platform, ages, and perspectives that the women bring forth on the showcase.

Her favorite quotes:

It’s not what you say, but it’s how you say it.

Charlotte’s Bio:

Charlotte Croom Martin is a self-publish author in North Carolina. She works for one of the largest retail stores Walmart. She is known for her smile that brings you to smile. Her 2013 book “In The Stranger’s House” earned her air time on bctv. org as a guest for a topic called”Matters Of CONCERN”. This was one of her important accomplishments in life. When she is not working, Charlotte is always looking improve herself. She is collaborating with another artist online with short posts live. She is working on her second book title “Three Words To Get Woman To Stay”, Attention, Affection, Appreciation. Look for this book toward the end of the year. You can reach her on her social media page

Social Media:

Charlotte M.  Croon M @AquaBrowneye  twitter

Authoress Charlotte Croom@facebook



 Photo courtsey of Charlotte Croom Martin

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