Investing in her Dreams- Cindy’s Simple Pleasures, LLC

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Welcome to our special edition of Sistah’s Wealth which features small business owner Cindy Toms.  It’s important that we as women invest in our dreams of launching our own business.  The year 2015 saw a huge increase of women investing in their dreams by getting their finances in order and launching a business.  Women are head strong entrepreneurs who are driven by more than desire, passion, and determination.  Instead it’s their dedication and mindset that has lead them to their true assigned purpose by God.  One of those determined and driven women is Cindy Toms who stepped out on faith and invested in her dreams by launching her online boutique called Cindy’s Simple Pleasures, LLC.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure to sit down with her to discuss her business, dreams, products, and the struggles most business owners are faced with each day.  As with every business they are faced with many challenges from marketing, building customers, elevating their brand, and the fear of the barriers placed before them in a crowded market to differentiate their business from competitors.  Take a listen to my interview as Cindy shares her story.


She has some beautiful handcrafted jewelry pieces that uniquely designed by Cindy and they are one of a kind.  Each piece has a design that captures your attention, style, and fashion.  She has other unique items in her boutique that fits every budget.  Here are a few samples from her online boutique and it’s just in time for the holidays.

What makes her products different from that of her competitor is they are handcrafted and one of a kind.  Be sure to visit Cindy’s Simple Pleasures, LLC website and her Facebook group to learn more about her products that she offers.





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