Making The Deadline for the Manuscript

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You know what’s worse than worrying about making your deadline for the manuscript? It’s making the deadline while nailing the chemistry test. It’s staying up all night to update your blog and waking up early to get to class. Aspiring writers and even professional writers who pursue some type of degree know the hectic days they have to go through and the endless list of deadlines stacked on top of each other they have to meet. It’s not just living one life or two. We have to live multiple ones – student, parent, leader, citizen – while we’re trying to keep a dream alive.

There’s the little matter of time standing in our way. It always seems to be evading us and disappearing without us noticing. All we can do is catch up and hope we’ll make it. Many times, our writing is the one that suffers the most. If you have an article and a lab report both due at the end of the week. The chances are you will probably put off the article until you finish with the report.

Then, you’ll have to rush through the article and hate yourself when the writing does not reflect your full abilities. It’s understandable but it will not change the next time you come face to face with the same dilemma, again.

Let’s take this blog post I’ve had running through my mind for quite some times now. I’ve had the words stuck in my head for weeks. However; every time I put the pen down on paper, I remember the essay I have to write or the biology chapter I have to read. I’ve made multiple attempts, but I could never get in the state of mind to write it.

Adding to this hide-and-seek game that time is forcing us to play, there’s the one playing inside our mind. The one where the recent chapter in your book sounds an awful lot like a historical research paper and your final essay contains too much physical description of Charles Darwin and the Galapagos Island to be scientific. It doesn’t happen very often but it will happen at least once during your college years. Sometimes the brain just doesn’t switch fast enough from creative writing to academic writing.

Despite all that, there’s also the pressuring feeling that you have to measure up to other writers who already have a college degree and years of experience behind them. This might apply to aspiring writers more than to professional ones but if you have to stay hidden behind a textbook for half of the day, your writing may not meet your standards at the end of it. Regardless, this is the part that present the least danger to our writing goals. One praise from a loyal reader will change all that. One paragraph that you write will be enough to let you know that it’s not in vain. All the other authors probably had to go through this ordeal too in order to be great. Therefore, there’s an end where you have a successful career in the field you love.

Nonetheless, at the end of the end, we’re still in the fight to make the world a better place through writing. We’re still chasing our dreams and making them true. We’ll eventually redeem ourselves and win over hearts with our words.

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