Merely Suggesting by Simone Carter

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Fashion & Confidence

“Like poetry, fashion does not state anything. It I am majestic. merely suggests.” Karl Lagerfeld

It is my ability to change my looks hair, nails, and makeup. I strike a pose wearing the latest trends and guess who it is “confidence.” Wrapped in beauty I stand tall as the whole room stares at my naked soul. I am the definition of fashion. I state nothing in the room but my latest attire “Confidence” suggests she is someone new.

I am majestic.

In a room filled with designers, I am the canvas. I am the ideal trend simply stating nothing in words allowing my “confidence” to be the muse for every designer within the room. Wrapped in beauty I stand tall as the whole room stares at my naked soul. Fashion states nothing but I prowl the room merely suggesting with my latest design called “Confidence suggesting I am what’s new.

I am majestic because labels do not speak for me they just add to the symphony playing behind me as I prowl the room. See fashion does not speak for me but I am the voice that speaks of it proudly suggesting its ability to change my look and cause people to wonder who I think I am so confidently strolling through the room.

I am majestic!

Photo Credits: Good Life Media Production Company

Simone Carter

She is the CEO of Simone’s Digital World! Consider us your ambassador for the latest fashions & web design that will take your brand to the next level.  She is a college graduate from Loyola University with B.A. in Public Relations & Advertising. Currently a Graduate student at Northwestern University Fall 2017.

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