ONE PIECE AT A TIME by Aretha “Ms. Respect” Tatum

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Pecan Pie is one of my favorite desserts. I love the sweetness mixed with the crunch of the pecans on top. What is your favorite sweet treat? If I were to present to you one of your favorite desserts – a pie or a cake – and ask you to eat it all at once you would probably say “I can’t do that”. However, if I left it at your home, I believe over time you would eat the entire thing. How would that be done? One piece at a time.

 It is the same way with completing our goals or even dealing with difficult situations. Looking at the entire thing, “The whole pie” so to speak will seem overwhelming. Immediately you might think that you can’t do it. We often tell ourselves that it is too much or we make the mistake of listening to someone else tell us that it can’t be done. The truth is whatever you are facing you can do it, you can get through it, and it can be done.

 The key is to not look at the entire thing. Break it up into pieces or mini goals and complete each task one piece at a time.

If you are planning to write a book, start with an outline and begin to fill the chapters in one at a time. If you have a dream vacation spot, find out how much it would cost to go there and put away the money one dollar at a time. Don’t pressure yourself with when you will reach your goal. Just plan on doing it, work at it and you will get there.

 This also applies when facing a difficult situation. So many times we allow our minds to fill with thoughts of what I call “negative what-ifs”. Don’t think about all of the things that could happen. Just look at the piece right before you. What has actually happened and deal with that issue. If other issues come up you will deal with them then.

 Success in any situation is not achieved by doing something all at once. It is a result of a series of small victories. It can be done. One step at a time, one day at a time, one piece at a time.    

Meet Guest Writer:

timeAretha Tatum is a publish author of two novel titled The Wonderful Counselor and The Problem With Jesus.  Follow her on social media to learn more about her.

IG: @MsRespect


Aretha “Ms. Respect” Tatum was born and raised in Chicago, IL. Writing was not her plan, it was God’s plan. After several amazing encounters she started writing books which talk about her supernatural experiences and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Having a major task ahead of you can be overwhelming when you look at it in its entirety, but the simple yet profound way of taking it on “One Piece At A Time” can make what seems to be impossible POSSIBLE! I Love This!! Thank You Aretha “Ms. Respect” Tatum

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