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online dating

So you have made a few online profiles here and there, hoping to finally land a great date. Each prospective guy looks distinguished, while their profile seems promising. You’re more than excited to finally, be in the lane of dating. However, as you’ve probably noticed, not every guy is THAT guy. Yes he’s everything you want. Height, educational and financial level. Dreamy body type, eyes, lips and a way with words, which can make the wicked witch of the west melt. Being this perfect is scary, almost unreal.

Hiding behind the computer screen has become the normal of today’s society. While you’re pouring out your heart to this Internet fantasy, he could very well be something you’re totally not into. It doesn’t matter if he showed you his personal picture, during the first week of dating. Everything is not going to be presented for you to see. This is where your detective work must come into play. Just like in actual life, there are two sets of guys to watch out for. The jokesters/players and those who are sincere. Finding the later of the two, can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

I’m no man, but from what I have observed, ladies should to be careful when dating. As a single woman, I know this all too well. The common thread for many guys looking to play games, is to begin with (almost) truthful statements. All of the right words will be said at the right moment. It will be said in a such a skilled manner, that you’re immediately impressed. Such action is done, in order to throw you off.

You’re being thrown off, so that he can get what he want (whatever that may be). Once your trust is gained, the move in for the kill will be calculated; with each step. Once the main prize (money, sex, etc.) has been taken, they’ve moved on to the next victim.  Now this is not to say that ALL GUYS are creeps. Absolutely not!! Nevertheless you need to be aware.

Here are few things to watch out for:

1) While he’s online with you, he’s constantly repeating himself. Unless he’s in his 90’s and had a recent bout with dementia, nobody is that forgetful. DATING REALITY: He’s talking to other women, while conversing with you.
2) He refuses to call you by your name. Instead he calls you babe, honey, darling, sexy, sweetie, etc. DATING REALITY: This is an age old trick!! He gives you those nicknames, so that he doesn’t confuse you with someone else, and get into trouble.
3) Lastly, he’s too anxious! The moment he sends you a message, he’s ready to meet the next day. My answer to that request is – NOPE!! There’s a red flag on the play, somewhere. DATING REALITY: He’s not trying to get to know you, at all. He has other desires.
Date in fun while using wisdom along the way.

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