Online Dating-is it really worth the time? by Nancy Collins

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online dating

Legendary female rapper MC Lyte tied the knots in Jamaica, to the guy of her dreams.  Yes, she has gotten married!!  How did she meet him?  ONLINE!!  I know it’s a shocker, seeing that she’s famous and probably has access to some great guys.  Yet the one and only MC Lyte, tried the online dating experience and was successful.  Doesn’t that give you hope, that it’s a possibility; that someone is out there for you? 

Or does it keep you with your guards up?  As for myself, I’m just happy for her and the many other women, who are successful in this (ever expanding) venue called online dating.  I encourage any woman who is serious about dating and desires to try it, to go for it!  However, don’t go into it with your eyes closed.  As a ghostwriter, I’ve had the pleasure of creating online dating profiles for a few clients.  In doing so, I have been able to see what actually goes on, within the sites (some things will have you wondering if you’re being pranked).  So here are few things to keep in mind, when you decide to sign up for online dating.

1)     There’s a 90% chance, that the average person is looking for sex.  It would be great if they were only looking for conversation, but that’s a rare case.

2)     Be upfront with what you want.  Don’t log in just to tell lies.  If you’re really trying to connect with someone, be you!  It’s a possibility that someone on the opposite end, is actually looking for a special relationship.  Don’t ruin your chances by being a liar.

3)     PLEASE….with all of your strength, DO NOT spill all of your beans!!  Do not tell all of your business.  Do not give your entire life story.  Remember, you don’t know who’s hiding behind those profiles.  So tell just enough information, to keep them interested in you.  As time goes on and you become comfortable with the person, then you can reveal more. 

4)     Lastly, if and when you decide to meet up with the profile person of interest, do so in a public place.  Too many women are becoming victims of online dating, due to mistakes such as meeting in a private place.  If the date refuses to meet those terms, it might just be in your interest to cancel the date.

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