Silence kills, silence saves

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Have you ever wondered what is so powerful about silence that makes people so frightened by it? I have.  As an introvert, I enjoy silence. I even crave it and search for it at every corner which is why it baffled me that anyone can be so afraid of it. It’s just an empty moment in time, what’s the harm?

One word – possibilities. Silence retains endless possibilities for either good or bad. It’s an empty canvas waiting to be filled with anything that drops its way. Turns out virgin territories scare people. No one wants to venture alone in place which has not been previously documented. This is exactly what silence is – a virgin territory that needs to be explored. It’s the moment between a question and an answer. It’s the pause between life and death.

As humans, we feel safe when we can easily predict an outcome. Before we take on any challenge, we like to study everything there is to know about the challenge itself, the setting, the people, and anything we might encounter. We don’t like surprises. Everything needs to be set out clearly in order for us to embrace it.

Silence has too many surprises so most of us feel the constant urge to crush it either with our words, laughter, or cries. That is where we are mistaken. Silence is not the enemy nor a mythical beast ready to pounce at us unexpectedly. It’s just a baby eager for us to teach it and mold it into something we want.

Creativity and imagination burgeons in the calmness of silence. Why? Because the artist is not scared to step in this untapped well of possibilities and pull out something new amidst everything. She has mastered the ideology of risks equal gains – simple as that. It’s just a matter of looking at the cup half full instead of half empty. Learn to associate silence with the moment before Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon or the moment before a newborn unleashed his first cry instead of the second before a bullet flew out of a gun.

Silence can either save or kill someone depending on how it was molded. How can a blank canvas harm anyone? It cannot, only what we choose to paint on it can cause damages. Silence is an ally as long as its good side has been embraced before it slips out of reach. Don’t be afraid to sit in silence for hours and hours because those hours are not wasted away but instead they present us with a chance to rearrange our mind and create something new.

Hermione Daguin





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