Suzetta Perkins-new release Hollywood Skye

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I sat down to talk with author Suzetta Perkins on her latest novel release on December 15th titled Hollywood Skye.    Since writing her first novel in 2000, she has been soaring high bringing her audience stories that have been inspired by current events and social issues.  Suzetta is passionate about her writing with a creative and unique imagination.  She talks about her latest novel, her inspirations as an author, her message in her stories, and she shares her favoirite authors.  Take a listen to our interview.

Excerpt from Hollywoody Skye:

When a young woman seeking fame and fortune falls into a con artist’s trap, she learns what Hollywood is really all about…and what really matters most.

Skye Taylor is a naïve, attractive nineteen-year-old, who wants to get as far away from her small Kansas hometown as possible. She coerces a soldier from a nearby army base to marry her, but soon finds out that she’s in a marriage from hell. With very little money, Skye leaves her husband and sets off for Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

Things may be looking up for Skye when she has a chance meeting with well-dressed, well-manicured Rico Tillman, who is enthralled with her beauty and offers to manage her career. But what Skye doesn’t know is that Rico, if that’s his real name, is the head of a local car-theft ring. One day police stop Skye while she is dropping off one of Rico’s cars. She uses her one phone call to contact Rico, who has already disappeared.

Skye’s life spirals out of control. She is black-listed before her acting career really takes off. And during this traumatic moment in her life, she realizes she misses her family. After everything she’s been through, Skye considers returning home, but that spark—that desire to be a part of the entertainment business—is still there. Could one more bad decision cost Skye her life?

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You can learn more about Suzetta Perkings by visiting her website and following her on social media.




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