The Political Circus and its Caricatures

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As the internet , social media, and every other news outlet is being inundated with all the political pandemonium in the wake of the 2016 presidential debates,  I can’t refrain from thinking about our country’s founding fathers; yes, I said our country’s founding fathers: Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, etc., all who prided themselves and worked tirelessly on forming a “Free and democratic” society, the kind of democratic society that  according to the constitution, the law of the land  that has upheld the liberty of the people to have the right to vote for government leaders, and have a say in who gets to effectively run our nation with great honor and that would be all inclusive.  Fast forward several decades; it is not the case in 2016, unfortunately.

Our country’s political system has become a breeding ground of debauchery and a platform for runners to get their fifteen minutes of fame. It has become one big joke.

Not only are certain groups being deterred and discouraged from exercising their voting right through illegal and unethical voting tactics at the polls, but now it seem almost anyone with funding to run their campaign is allowed to run for president.

Our forefathers would be horror-struck to see the mockery that is being made of the political system today; because as I watch, or NOT watch, I too am appalled at the level of buffoonery taking place on the stages across the states, right before my very eyes.

Over time there have been former wrestlers, body builders and actors who have jump into the political arena and taken on the roles of governor and even president; although Ludicrous, at least their efforts in some small way appeared genuine. Trump on the other hand has found yet another way to do what he does best, entertain and thrusts himself into the spotlight.  Watching Trump, who comes with a petite political background, scares me. Even more scarier is Americans, and by Americans I mean Republicans, are so desperate for a change in an attempt to reclaim their country, they’re willing to sacrifice their rights all in the name of change even it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

As I sometimes sit and painfully watch the reports of which hopeful candidate is leading race, my stomach churns just fathoming the idea of Trump being our next president. I can only hope that this is his fifteen minutes of fame; another way for him to blow off steam and spat out his ignorance. Otherwise the little people are doomed.  And by little people I mean the working class, the poor…. my word of advice to all, is exercise your basic right, which the constitution has long declared, and VOTE! VOTE!! VOTE!!!….Don’t this reality show become Reality..

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