Year Review 2017 Author’s Pick

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For the last three years, we have selected our author’s pick list.  How are authors selected?  They are chosen by genre, intrigued interest, and if i have read it or have it on my list.  Last year was a great year to discover new authors whether they were indie or main stream.  We at Sistah’s Place will always have our favorite authors that we just love to read their work.

So, who made the cut for Sistah’s Place 2017 Author’s Pick? In no specific order, here are the winners.  These are must read books, they are page turners, intense, mystery, love stories, and suspense.

  1. Pamela Samuel Young- Abuse of Discretion read my review at
  2. Iris Boling -Phire
  3. Unoma Nwankwor- In The Dark
  4. Kimberla Lawson Roby- Sin of a Woman and Copycat read my book review at
  5. Linda Wattley-Charge of An Angel series
  6. Selena Haskins- Yesterday Was a Long Time Ago- read my book review at
  7. Toni Larue- No Kissing -read my review at
  8. Tesa Erven- The Loose End Series- read my review at
  9. Sadeqa Johnson- and then there was me
  10. Malena Crawford- A Fistful of Honey
  11. Teresa B. Howell- The Church Life Series
  12. Cerece Rennie Murphy-To Find You

Congratulations to our top 12 for 2017 author’s pick.

authorsThere books are a most definitely page turner and pick me up.  Do you see someone on the list that sparks your interest?


Here is a bonus, CEO of Sistah’s Place debuted her novella in October 2017, Deceitful Secrets. it’s available on amazon at

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