Your Due Date

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Your due Date

My due date was all I could focus on as I stood there thinking about how I was pregnant again for the sixth time, with no idea as to when conception took place. My husband and I were so busy with work and weekend activities that we only had a little time for intimacy.  The thought of having another baby became over whelming for the both of us.

When I thought about the weight gain, the stretching of my skin (stretch marks), the morning sickness ,and everything else that comes with motherhood.   I seriously had to ask myself, “am I ready for this?” My imagination went from fear to joy when I thought about how beautiful the end result would be. The thought of holding our little bundle of joy made my heart melt.

When the time came for my first appointment, we rushed out the house so eager to find out when I would be due. Waiting patiently for the doctor, he called us in, checked me over and gave me my due date. Hmm mm….my due date. The expectancy of that date gave me something to hope for.

It’s the same way with us in the spiritual realm. At different times in our lives God places seeds in us with the expectancy of producing fruits that will bring glory to His name in due season. As those seeds begin to grow on the inside of us, we begin to go through changes. That’s when our faith is tested.

Those changes can bring  a whirlwind of trouble, heartache and pain. Some of us are faced with divorce from our spouse, loss job, trouble with our children, or our friends turn their backs on us. This is compared to the discomfort that a woman feels when she is pregnant.

Some stretching takes place in the spirit that represents the length of the test. We grumble and moan like a woman who is in the first stages of her contraction’s but yet nothing has broken forth. At times we cry out to God because it just doesn’t’ feel right. Our faith begins to toss back and forth like a ship without a sail and we wonder, is God really with us?

We may even wonder when will our due date come? The closer you get to your due date in the natural your doctor usually changes the way that he cares for you. He’ll tell you to rest more, show you what side to lay on so the baby can get adequate oxygen. Likewise, in the spirit God is changing your spiritual position.

Behind the scenes our Lord is setting things up for you. He knows that your testing is hard but he knows that you can bear it. He begins to show you how strong you are. God desires for you to come out of your cocoon and catapult into a beautiful butterfly stronger, wiser, and better than before.

The encouraging thing about your spiritual pregnancy is that it’s temporal. The pregnancy has been planned by God to bring you into your destiny in due season. The birthing is coming. He knows your due date and there are blessings waiting just for you.  So trust in Him and  embrace “Your Due Date.”


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