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Our Black Entertainment showcases features Celebrity Spotlight with interviews from your favorite actors, directors, and producers. Our Author Showcase interviews new and best-selling indie & national authors. Other Segments features we have Sistah's E-News, Sistah's Wealth, Poetry corner, Sistah's Feature, and Maya's Showcase special features in R&B music, small business, inspiration, Black WallStreet segments, and relationships.

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Guest Writers

Guest Writers

June 26, 2017 0

Would you like to guest write for us at Sistah’s Place?  We are looking for 10-15  guest writers, contributors, and bloggers.  Articles should be original content between […]

Empower You

Empower You

April 30, 2017 6

The Empower You conference was presented by Dalex Empowerment Consultants yesterday at NIU Naperville Conference Center.  The guest speakers were truly empowering, motivating, and encouraging […]

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